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Why are people using ‘chatrooms’ instead of traditional channels?

The advent of social media has created a whole new set of communication tools and platforms, and we’ve seen them all.But the question remains: Why are we using chatrooms over traditional channels when they’ve been proven to be more effective?With the advent of the Internet, we’ve witnessed the proliferation of social networking platforms like Facebook

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When did we first get the ‘L’ word?

LABOUR Minister Brendan Howlin has been accused of using the word “L” to describe the word of the Day and he will have to answer for it.The word was used to describe Mr Howlin’s speech at the National Party conference in Ballarat on Friday night.It was widely criticised by the party for being offensive to

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How to Stop People From Watching YT Videos, Pinoy Online Chat Room

The Free and Open Web Foundation (FOSF) has a list of a dozen of the worst ways people can use social media to target, harass, and even bully Pinoy online communities.But the group says its members are often unaware of their rights.The list is compiled by FOSF from publicly available data on online harassment, intimidation,

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Bundesliga 2: Schalke 1:3 Bayern

Bundesliga 2 is over and Schalek 1:2 Bayern are back in the Bundesliga.Bundesliga 2 kicks off in just over three weeks time. The first leg started with the scoreline 1-0 for Schalk in the second half and the score was 0-0 after the break.Bayern have now scored in every league game this season and have scored

How to buy a pair of shoes in a matter of seconds with this online shop

A new chatroom app called Aerosoles lets you purchase a pair without even going through a store.Users create an account, choose the color and style they want, and enter the information like phone number, email address, and a description of what they want.The app also lets users set an expiration date for their order.The service