How to watch ‘The Matrix’ online for the first time | The Washington Post

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The Matrix: A Guide to the Movie will play in theaters this weekend, bringing its first online streaming service to theaters and offering a digital download to theaters on Monday.

The Matrix Movie Streams will be available to theaters from Monday, April 10.

The streaming service, which will include a free preview on Friday, will allow viewers to see the film and to listen to the soundtrack to the film on the same device.

The service will cost $10.99.

The Matrix Movie will be the first movie to come to theaters with its own movie theater, according to the company.

The theater will be named The Matrix, and will be located in New York City.

The movie will be a virtual reality experience, so there will be no real seats.

The film will be released on March 21, 2019, and its official theatrical release will be April 10, 2019.

The theatrical release date was initially set for June, but it was postponed when Warner Bros. pulled the film from theaters after complaints from fans and theater owners.