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The community that made Reddit a huge success is slowly but surely coming to an end.

With the rise of subreddits like r/sportsbook, r/football, and r/nfl, the platform has become more than just a place for sports fans to compete.

It’s become a place to interact and connect with people from around the world.

So, it’s no surprise that Reddit’s largest subculture is now in the process of being shut down.

But there’s one subgroup of its users who aren’t ready to leave: the community of r/videos.

There, users are not only allowed to upload and post videos, they can also participate in discussions and debates.

But the move comes as a shock to many Redditors, who have long been familiar with the site’s “moderators,” the group of people who moderate the site.

The community has long been a source of heated debate and disagreement, and its moderators have often been vocal critics of the site in the past.

They’ve been vocal in their criticism of the sites decision to delete videos from the site after the death of former NFL player Chris Kluwe, who was a staunch critic of the platform.

Now, those users are getting an unexpected boost from the platform’s announcement that the “mods” will be given new roles on Reddit, with the group having the option to accept or reject changes.

“The goal here is to make Reddit a more open platform for people to come together, to have more community, and to have some discussion,” the site said in a blog post.

“As part of this, the community mods will be able to take decisions about whether or not the community should have access to content or not, or whether or a sub community is allowed to participate in the community.

It will be a new, more open community that is much more accountable to users.”

As part of the move, r /videos will be renamed to “”

The announcement came on the same day that the community’s subreddit was removed from the front page of the Reddit website, which was the site for about six months before it was brought back online this past August.

It was originally called r /r/sports, but a new Reddit logo was unveiled last month.

That logo shows a different team, with red in the upper-right corner, and a black border that indicates that the subreddit is no longer being edited by moderators.

The r /sports group is one of the biggest and most popular on Reddit and is one that was not involved in the initial death of the subreddit, but has become the target of many of the comments made by r /video users.

One user even called the group “cronyism” and said it had a “nasty” reputation.

Others argued that the Reddit community should continue to exist on Reddit.

The subreddit was originally made to host sports videos, which were archived on the site and were also archived on Reddit’s own “Sports Archive.”

A user called “Frozen” claimed that r /frozen was a fake account, and the subreddit was taken down for the same reason.

The moderators were unable to explain why the subreddit had been taken down, and Reddit did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

However, in a tweet from October, Reddit said that the removal of the r /sport subs would not affect the Reddit team’s ability to make changes to the site to improve it.

“We are not taking away content from r / sports , but we are not removing any content from the r channels either,” the tweet said.

“r /sports is still available for the benefit of all.”

Reddit said it will now be able “to offer a broader range of content” on r / videos , with additional features coming soon.

“I hope this will be an example of how Reddit will continue to support the community as we continue to build the platform,” Reddit CEO Steve Huffman wrote in a post on Reddit today.

The new subreddit is still live on the subreddit’s front page, which is where users can now post videos.

Reddit has made it easy for users to submit videos to r /live/ and r /pics, which allow users to post videos to their personal accounts.

“Live” is the default setting for users, so users can upload their own videos to the platform without worrying about their accounts being taken offline.

However in an interview with the Daily Dot, Huffman said he’s not planning to change this.

“You don’t really want to get into that much detail because there’s so much stuff going on,” he said.

Huffman also said that Reddit does not plan to be able in the future to take down a user’s video or comment in response to an individual’s content.

“It’s not like that’s the intention,” he told the Daily Beast.

“There’s going to be no comment blocking or anything like that.

We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing now.”

The news comes just a few