Blackpink chatsrooms ‘will be erased’ as part of new agreement with internet giants

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The Blackpinks are taking a step forward and looking forward to making it to the next phase of their journey with internet providers.

The group announced on Wednesday that they have signed an agreement with Vodafone Australia, meaning that they will be able to switch to the company’s internet service.

The group said the switchover will give them more control over the content and services they use.

“This is a very big deal for us because this is our opportunity to change the way we use the internet,” Blackpinky singer and band member Kayla O’Neal told CBC News.

“Now we have a choice: we can either be with our friends and family on the internet, or we can make a choice and go with Votava,” she said.

Votava, the largest of the major providers in Australia, said it had reached an agreement to extend its terms with Blackpunk, but said the transition will be seamless.

“The agreement is a significant milestone in our commitment to the Blackpigs to continue their growth,” Votiva Australia Chief Executive and CEO Tom Rudge said in a statement.

“Our members are excited to finally move beyond their online community and move to a new era where we can provide more innovative and innovative content, including in the realms of video, music and comedy.”

The Blackpups will no longer have to pay for Votavas video content, which is free to everyone in Australia.

The company said it will be rolling out new services such as streaming, but it’s not yet clear when.

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