How to Get the Most from Google News for Your Online Bookmarks

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Get the most out of Google News on your mobile device with our mobile bookmarks.

We recommend bookmarking your favourite sites with Google Reader and Pocket.

Google Reader lets you save articles, videos and photos in your inbox, and Pocket lets you bookmark articles, photos and videos in your Pocket.

Use Google Reader to get your favourite articles and videos delivered to your Google Reader bookmarks instantly.

Read more about how to use Google Reader.

The Pocket browser lets you store and retrieve articles and video in your pocket.

Pocket also lets you keep tabs on all the latest news, news stories and trending stories from Pocket’s newsfeed.

You can also subscribe to Pocket’s daily digest by tapping the blue tick icon at the top right of any Pocket article, or by swiping down to the right of an article.

Pocket has a search function to help you find articles that interest you.

Find the latest content from Pocket by searching for Pocket articles, news and trending news.

For more Pocket news, follow Pocket on Twitter.

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