This video of a young boy learning to drive can help drive him home

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A 12-year-old boy from Australia who has been driving for about a year and a half has been able to put the lessons to good use by learning how to drive himself home.

The video shows the boy driving his car in Australia’s remote Northern Territory.

He is the first driver to learn to drive from video on the app, which was developed by the company, and the boy says he loves the experience.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, it’s something I’m really passionate about,” the boy said.

“When I was 12, my father took me to the dealership and he showed me how to get my car ready for a job interview.

That’s how I learned how to do this, so now I’ve got a really good job, I feel really good about it.”

The video was created by the boy, and shows him driving his vehicle through a snowy landscape in the Northern Territory state of Western Australia.

The boy, who is not his real name, said he had never been a driver before, but had been following his dad’s advice.

“I’ve never been into cars, I’ve always been a bike rider, and I was just going to get out and see how I could make my own car,” he said.

The teen said he was initially worried about his first day on the road, but after being able to learn the basics he was able to concentrate on his work.

“It was like this, you know, I could go to school and I would be out there on the roads.

I could learn a new skill, I would learn a skill and be able to take my car home,” he explained.

The videos are not just for fun, but also to help people who might be struggling to get into and out of the vehicle.

“That’s really how I feel when I drive,” he added.

“It’s really good.

I love being able, even if I’m just learning a new thing, I love driving.”