‘Weird’: ‘I’m going to die’: ‘This is what happens when you’re not invited’

Chat communication

A young man who had been kicked out of his own chatroom because he was gay is now fighting back.

A Facebook group has been set up in his name, and a petition has garnered nearly 4,000 signatures.

The man, whose name is not being released because he fears repercussions from Facebook, told CBC News he wants to bring the group to light.

“We want to make sure that the LGBT community, the community that I grew up with, has a place where they can come and talk to each other, where they don’t have to hide and hide in their own private rooms,” he said.

The group has attracted a few hundred members since its creation on Monday, with many of them sharing their stories of being kicked out by the group.

“I felt very powerless and very alone.

I felt like I was just another statistic,” the young man said.

“I didn’t know how to deal with the bullying or how to stand up to it, but I couldn’t stand back and just watch.”‘

I’m a human being’The group’s page reads in part: “We want people to know that being gay is not a choice.

Being gay is a choice.””

Being LGBT is a life choice, a decision that you make when you choose to live your life.”

The young man is now living out of a van, in a remote part of the country, where he said he can’t visit the people he knows because they are not allowed to travel.

“The way that I’m being treated right now is really, really, bad.

I don’t want to be treated like that, so I’m taking this to the people that are willing to help me,” he added.”

That’s the people who can help me.

I’m going straight to Facebook, and if they want to help, I’m here for them.”

Facebook is now offering to pay the cost of a one-way flight to the remote part to the man, and Facebook says the group will also receive a free laptop, phone and other necessities.

But the young woman has also started her own petition.

“We’re asking Facebook to help people like me who don’t feel safe enough to go out in public because we’re LGBT.

We’re asking them to open up the community and give us access to a space that is safe and open,” she said.”

Because I’m a queer person, it’s a very hard thing to talk about, but the people of Edmonton are amazing and they know what it means to be a queer in this city.”

Facebook says it has a team working to address the issue, and is working to make changes to the way its social media pages are handled in the future.

Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.