The Chatroom: The Movie Comedy is on hiatus

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A new documentary on the cult comedy chatroom site, The Chat Room, will air on Comedy Central on April 13.

In the film, the creators discuss why the site’s users are so passionate about the site and the people who use it.

They discuss why there are so many fans, including the show’s creator, James Lipton, who had his heart broken by a relationship that ended in divorce.

The chatroom was founded by comedian James Liptons father in the 1990s, who created a podcast and video chatroom in which the audience can share news, humor, and opinions.

Lipton later launched the chatroom as a social media platform, but it was not until 2012 that he created a video series, The James Lipta Podcast, which became one of the first original podcasts on YouTube.

Lipton has said the chat room was the first thing he created in the years he was working in radio and television.

The creators of The Chat Rooms first video were David Zayas and Rob Siegel, who were in a relationship.

They were both fans of the show and the show has been a part of their lives since they began listening.

They created a short video to explain their relationship to Lipton and asked his father, James, to help them produce a documentary about it.

The filmmakers interviewed the Lipts, along with a former coworker, Chris Mardis, to get their perspective on how the show changed their lives and what the future holds for the site.