How to use WhatsApp free and cheap in Hong Kong


HK’s biggest social media company WhatsApp is launching a new app free of charge to help Hong Kongers avoid paying mobile phone roaming charges.

The new app, WhatsApp Free, will let Hongkongers use their phone and email to access Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without a contract.

It also offers an app for users to send WhatsApp messages in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

The app, which is free, will be available on WhatsApp for a month, starting on April 1.

It will be the first time that the app has been available for free outside of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government has banned the use of mobile phones in public spaces and has imposed strict restrictions on the number of mobile phone users in the city.

The city has seen an increase in people using smartphones and the number who use mobile phones is increasing rapidly.

According to research from the research firm IHS, the number more than doubled between April and June this year.

According to the app’s launch page, the new WhatsApp Free app will allow users to access WhatsApp in English and Spanish.

Its main focus is to help those who are trying to reach people outside of their family or extended family members in Hongkongs borders.

The free WhatsApp app will be launched in the coming weeks and will allow people to use it without any contract.

The move comes as the city prepares to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

According the Hong Kong Government, the city has set a goal of attracting a million people to the city each day for the Olympics.

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