What you need to know about the Twitter chat room’s future, if it ever comes to fruition.


The chat room, a new app that lets users chat anonymously on Twitter, is now live on Apple’s App Store.

The company says the chat room will be available to all users and is only available to the U.S. and U.K.

The chat room is free to sign up and users can sign up for the service by visiting the app’s homepage and selecting “Get started” from the top menu.

Users can create and sign up to the service from their own devices, or with the help of Twitter’s own tools.

The company says it plans to support the chatroom as long as Twitter continues to support its API.

It says it’s also looking to add support for more countries in the future, but the exact details of those plans have yet to be revealed.

According to Twitter’s FAQ, the chatrooms API lets developers build their own applications that interact with Twitter’s service, so that developers can offer new features like group chats and private messages.

The API also allows developers to use Twitter’s APIs to interact with other developers and services, such as Facebook and Spotify.

Users can also sign up with their Twitter account, which is currently only available for the U., U.A.E., U-K., and UK markets.

The app also currently requires a Twitter account to interact.

Twitter says that the app has more than 2 million active users and that the average user connects to the chat every day.

According to Twitter, about 10 million people use the app each day.