A ‘shopping spree’ of ‘totally inappropriate’ photos and videos prompts Facebook to take action


Google is taking steps to prevent people from posting or sharing inappropriate content on its social network.

In a blog post, the company said it was looking into reports that people were posting inappropriate images or videos on its chatrooms.

It said it would work with partners to remove inappropriate content.

“We know that some people post photos and video that are inappropriate and we are looking at ways to help make sure these people can’t access the platform,” it said.

“As a result, we have updated our policies to make it harder for people to post inappropriate content.”

It added that it was also working with law enforcement authorities to better understand the types of content people post.

“Our team is working with our law enforcement partners to learn more about the content people are sharing and are taking additional action to make sure people can only access the platforms that they trust,” it added.

“When we receive reports of content that violates our community standards, we’ll take appropriate action.”

The company has a strong track record of taking action to stop people from sharing or sharing objectionable content on the social network, with many of its major changes made following public outcry about the practice.

Last year, Facebook announced it would suspend the use of the term ‘shameless’ from its chatroom community pages in response to complaints that it used the term to target people who shared content that was not in line with its values.

The company also introduced filters that were meant to ensure that users were able to access content they wanted and that they weren’t being targeted by other people.