‘Desi Chat’ video reveals the life of an NHL player wiki

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The video shows the life and career of NHL players Desi, who was born in Toronto but grew up in the city.

The video was made by a Los Angeles-based company called Chatovod and is the brainchild of former NHL player and current VP of content for

The company specializes in producing content for fans of the game.

Desi’s parents have said they had no idea that he would play for the St. Louis Blues, and they’ve said that they were proud of their son for choosing the Blues.

He has two brothers, and his father also played for the Blues, so Desi was raised by both.

Desiato and his brother are currently attending the University of Southern California.

Chatovode is a company that specializes in creating content for the hockey world.

Chatavod is also a content company, and it’s a company which has been producing videos for the NHL for some time now.

This video was created to help fans understand the life, career, and emotions of Desiatos son.

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