‘The Biggest Hollywood Scandal Ever’: Ben Affleck says he’ll be ‘happy to do it again’

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Ben Affckley is not a stranger to controversy.

The former “Baywatch” star has been accused of sexual harassment by more than a dozen women in the past, but he says he’s “not going to let this one happen again.”

In an interview with “The Bigger Picture” host Chuck Todd, Affleck, who’s currently starring in “The Fate of the Furious” as Vin Diesel, said he’s going to “fight it.”

Affleck said he believes he’ll “have my best, strongest voice, my strongest voice in my career.”

“I’m not going to sit back and do what I did in the beginning,” he said.

“I’m going to be the best actor I can be.

I’m not trying to go down the road of somebody who’s just going to have the same problems.

I think that’s going too far.

That’s not how we operate.

I don’t think we should be playing into that stereotype that all men are bad at everything.”

Affleck, the first black man to play the lead in a major Hollywood movie, said “there’s not going a chance in hell” that the accusations against him will stop.

“There’s a lot of women out there who believe they were raped, and that’s the way it is,” he added.

“We are all human beings, and I’m the only one who can say I’ve been assaulted, so it’s a personal matter.”

Todd pressed Affleck about the claims, which have been made by several women who have accused Affleck of sexually harassing or assaulting them.

Affleck responded that he has never done anything like that, and called the allegations “completely false.”

Todd: How do you feel about the allegations?

Affleck: I have no comment.

Todd: Why do you think it’s false?

Affck: It’s just not true.

I’ve never done it.

Todd : You said you’ve never had anything like this before.

Affck : Well, there’s never been anything like what’s going on.

Todd (trying to be gentle): That’s why it’s so important to take responsibility for yourself.

Affllck: That’s right.

Todd: Why is that so important?

Affllk: Because it’s just so bad.

Todd is a journalist who has written for Salon and the Los Angeles Times, and he has also worked as a film critic.

Todd then asked Affleck if he had any regrets about his decision to take on “Fate of the Furry.”

Affck said that he’s learned from his mistakes and learned from the experience.

Todd then asked about his plans to appear in a movie titled “The Fast and the Furious,” which has been canceled.

Affcck said he has been working on the project for some time, but it will not be released this year.

Affkts film, which he says will feature “super-heroes,” will feature a new “villain” and will not feature any of the characters he had worked on before.

“I am very much looking forward to working with Vin Diesel again,” Affleck told Todd.

“He has such a great personality.

He’s such a strong actor.

I know he’s doing amazing work.”

Affck added that he doesn’t know if he’ll get to meet with the director in person.

“It’s not something that I’m necessarily going to go in there and meet with, but I’m definitely going to look forward to meeting him,” he told Todd in the interview.

Todd said Affleck has been doing a lot over the last few years, and his next film, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” is coming out in the summer of 2017.

The film is being directed by David O. Russell.

Todd asked Affck if he’s happy with the way he’s performing on the big screen.

“That’s up to the filmmakers,” Affck replied.

“But I think I’m doing my best.

I can’t wait to do this movie.”

Watch the full interview below.

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