ESPN: NFL will require sexts to be stored offline

Chat communication

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the NFL has made the change that will require online sex chatrooms to be archived offline.

The change, first reported by the Washington Post, will apply to all league websites, including the NFL’s own social media pages.

It also applies to live games on NBC, ABC, ESPN and Fox.

“This is an important step to prevent child abuse on the field, and we have been working closely with the league on this issue,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

“This change does not apply to live content, including pre-game and post-game broadcasts, and is expected to result in less inappropriate activity on the platform.”

In a statement to ESPN, the NFL said it was reviewing the change and “will have further comment on this soon.”

“We’ve been in the process of reviewing this change for a while, and have reached the conclusion that the change will be best served by reducing the number of online chats, and will apply the change to all sites on the NFL Network, including NBC, ESPN, ABC and FOX,” McCarthy said in a statement.

In addition, we will have a detailed, detailed review of the changes and will make further announcements as needed.”

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