Rams QB Matt Barkley and Jameis Winston are best friends on Twitter, according to their ex-girlfriends


LOS ANGELES — — Matt Barkley is a better quarterback than Jamei Winston.

And that includes dating, according a new report.

Winston is the best friend of NFL QBs and tight ends, according ex-Gator teammates and friends of former teammate Cam Newton.

“When I see Jameim Winston in person, he’s the most likable guy on the planet,” former Gator tight end Kevin Davis told

“I just see him as the nicest guy on Earth, and he’s my buddy.”

Former Florida Gators running back LaMichael James also weighed in, calling Winston a “pretty nice guy.”

“It was always kind of a friendship between us, even when he wasn’t around,” James said.

“We’ve talked about it.

He knows that he’s a great player, but he’s also just a nice guy.

He’s a good friend.

He always has been.

It’s funny, but that’s just the nature of being a guy.

It’s a nice friendship, and we’re always hanging out, always laughing, always talking, always hanging around.”