What’s next for Trump, Clinton on the campaign trail?

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President Donald Trump, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and their allies on the left are rallying behind a campaign strategy that calls for the Democratic nominee to use social media and traditional media to take on Republican attacks.

The strategy, which has already been endorsed by the Sanders campaign, includes the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, which they are calling #BringOurGirlsBackOnTheHill.

In addition to this new strategy, the Democratic Party is also taking a harder line with the GOP, announcing it is pulling its convention from Cleveland next month.

“We will no longer be able to stand idly by and watch Republicans use our women and girls to try to take away our most basic freedoms,” the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced in a statement.

The Democratic Party’s strategy also calls for Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) to take a hardline stance on social media, specifically using hashtags like #Bring our Girls Back on the Hill.

The Democrats’ new platform also calls on Congress to pass a new bill that would protect the right to privacy on social networks, including using a tool called “tipping” that would allow companies to make money off of users’ data.

Warren also made it clear she would be open to introducing legislation to ban companies from making money off data collected by social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

The Democrat Party’s platform calls for a number of measures that would make it harder for Republicans to target the vulnerable populations they want to target, including by requiring companies to obtain explicit consent before sharing personal information with the government.

The platform also urges Congress to consider requiring the Department of Defense to have “robust” privacy policies, to include transparency on who is sharing data with whom and how they are doing it.

The platform also wants to ensure that the Republican Party’s message and policies are not able to get in the way of the American people.

It calls for an end to the “culture of fear” and calls for Congress to “protect the privacy of Americans, particularly women, people of color, and LGBT Americans.”

The Democrats are also calling for the establishment of a “Transgender Justice Caucus,” which would have a bipartisan committee comprised of all Democratic and Republican representatives from districts with large numbers of transgender people.

The new platform calls on the public to share their thoughts on the Democratic platform at the #BringTheGirlsBack hashtag, which is trending on Twitter and Instagram.

In the days leading up to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia next month, Clinton and the DNC are pushing the hashtag on Twitter.

Clinton has also taken a direct swipe at the Trump campaign, using the hashtag “I voted for Trump,” and said that the Democratic convention would not be about the candidates but the “future of our country.”

“It’s about the future of our democracy,” Clinton said at the DNC on Monday, using a familiar phrase.

“We have to rebuild trust.

We have to build a country where we all have the chance to succeed and where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their identity, their sexual orientation, their gender identity.”

While many on the progressive left are applauding the new platform, some on the right have criticized it for failing to address key concerns they have about the Democratic candidate.

Some on the far right have already called on the party to move to a platform that would require all candidates to sign an affidavit that says they will not use “anonymity as a political tactic.”

“They are doing exactly what Trump did,” Trump spokesman Jesse Ferguson told The Hill in a tweet.

“Trump is using an identity politics platform to push his anti-woman agenda, while his opponents are using identity politics to run for office.

The real difference is that Trump is running for president and not running for a job.”

In a statement, the Sanders Campaign called the Democratic Platform “a far cry from the hardline platform the Sanders team has previously endorsed,” which was published on Tuesday and included a pledge to protect women’s rights and to end “the war on women.”

The statement added that “Democrats are in the process of drafting an anti-discrimination platform, a platform for working people, and a platform to create a stronger middle class.

We are committed to supporting progressive candidates and building a broad coalition to defeat Trump.”

A number of Sanders delegates and supporters took to Twitter to call out the new Democratic platform for being “too narrow.”

#BringbackOurGirls is an inspiring message.

I want to send a message to @DNC.

If @DCCC will not protect my rights, I will.

@SenSanders @SenElizabethWarren pic.twitter.com/l9q3qn3aT1 — Johnetta Elzie (@JohnettaElzie) June 25, 2020