Facebook to launch its first gay roleplay group, gay roleplaying chatroom

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Facebook is set to launch a new gay role-play chat room, gay chatroom and gay role playing chatroom for the company’s LGBT community.

The site will allow people to create their own private gay role play group, chatroom or role-playing chat room.

The new gay chat room will be able to post to the new Gay Roleplay Group website, and will allow users to share photos of themselves, and other users, as well as upload video clips.

The Gay Role Play Group will be a private place for people to discuss and share gay roleplays.

Users can share their gay role plays, and share their stories about them, using the gay role role-plays page.

The gay role player page is where users can find their friends who have participated in gay role players, and also post their role-played stories.

It will be up to users to upload photos of their own face and body to be added to the gay group.

Facebook is the latest in a long line of companies to offer gay roleplayers, a platform that allows users to create private spaces and groups for their gay friends to share their lives.

In June, Facebook launched a new site called Grindr, which allows users who want to engage in casual sex to find gay and lesbian dating partners.

Facebook said in its announcement that the gay chatrooms and roleplaying rooms will allow it to provide a more diverse and inclusive community for its gay community.

It added that the Gay Role Role Play group will be similar to the social networking site Friendster, but will allow members to post pictures of themselves and other members, and upload videos and photos.

It also said that gay roleplayer accounts can post about their lives in more detail, such as their romantic lives, careers, hobbies and sexual orientations.

Facebook has had a gay role gaming community since 2012, when it announced that it was going to open a gay chat and role-casting platform for its users.

It has also been experimenting with gay role casting, allowing users to cast gay roles in the company of other users.

Facebook’s gay role castings have included a gay teen role-player and a gay adult role-caster.

The company also said in May that it would be making a “major push” in the gay community, adding that it will offer more options to its users for their profile pictures, and adding a “gay profile” feature.

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