‘I’ve got the best of both worlds’ – Chatroom baron who ran scam says he still sees people he tricked

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A baron in Scotland who ran a scam that tricked users into thinking they were getting a free drink has said he still feels like he can do something about it.

The scam was uncovered by a BBC News investigation in 2016, and it has been linked to hundreds of people.

In an interview with BBC Scotland, Craig McGowan, who runs The Club, said he would have to do a bit more to stop the scam.

“I think I’ve got to have a little more patience and know what’s going on, because you can’t just keep doing it, you’ve got got to keep taking a bit of a break.”

There are always going to be people that will think I’m a crook, but I’ve always had a good laugh at the people that I’ve duped,” he said.

McGowan, 57, has run The Club for more than 30 years.

He is currently in charge of running The Club’s online dating services.

His latest scam involved someone using the Club’s app to set up an online dating profile, then inviting the user to the Club, where they were asked to fill in details about themselves.

But when the user did so, McGowan said he was contacted by a man claiming to be the owner of the profile.”

He told me, ‘We’ve got a problem, can you take a look at this profile and see if it’s legitimate?’

“McGregor said that person, who would not be identified for legal reasons, told him he could make money if he could trick the user into signing up for the free membership of The Club.

I asked him, ‘Can you make me a bit happier, can I get you a couple of drinks?’

He said, ‘You don’t have to worry about that, you don’t need to worry, just go to the bar and have a couple’.

I said, well, that’s alright, I’ll pay for that.’

But the scammer then used the profile as a way to scam more people, including a bar employee who went to the Bar, asked for a drink and ended up paying the scamster $3,000 in exchange for his “help”.

McGogan said that bar employee had to quit his job because of the scam, but he has now decided to continue with The Club because of its reputation for being a safe place to meet people.”

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people there. “

The bar’s so great.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people there.

I can never repay the bar for that.”