#MeToo is taking a global toll on social networks, according to a new study


The number of sexual harassment cases against high-profile women has reached a new record high, with an average of two cases every day in the United States, according a new survey from The Atlantic.

The study, titled The Impact of #MeThatsOn Us, was conducted by the Atlantic, which has published several articles on the topic.

The authors of the study said that their findings showed that the #MeWhatsOn hashtag has become a platform for victims of sexual assault and harassment to report their experiences.

“We are witnessing a profound change in the way that people think about sexual harassment,” the authors wrote in the study, which was published in the journal Psychology of Women Quarterly.

“The prevalence of online harassment is rising at a time when it is often underreported and difficult to know how to respond.

This shift is occurring with increasing frequency, especially among women, as they are now the target of the harassment they face.”

In the report, the authors said that the hashtag has also become a place where victims can share their stories and experiences with other women, in a way that could potentially change the conversation around sexual harassment.

“Our work highlights the importance of the intersection of social media and the way it affects women, particularly when women are victims,” the researchers wrote.

“While social media has traditionally been an anonymous space, its reach is growing, as more people are using it to share their experiences, and the number of survivors continues to rise.”

#MeThatIsMe is trending worldwide.

Twitter and Instagram have been particularly popular sites for victims.

In addition to the study by the authors, the New York Times also published an article on the hashtag last month.

In it, the Times’ Caitlin Dickerson reported that a woman who was assaulted at a party in 2016 told her account was being shared by hundreds of people.

“When the article came out, the hashtag #Me that is Me was trending globally on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as #MeTrial and #MeCourt,” Dickerson wrote.