Meet Hideo Naka’s new adult live chatroom

Chat communication

Hideo Nakata, creator of the infamous anime series Persona, has created a chatroom for fans to chat in Japanese.

The new chatroom will be available for people who don’t speak Japanese, but will also allow those who do to ask questions in English.

The site will be called Persona Live and will be able to be accessed via the Google Chrome browser.

The chatroom is currently in beta and will continue to grow in popularity.

The Persona Live chatroom also has its own Facebook page, where fans can upload their photos and videos of the new chat room.

The company said that it plans to have the new Japanese chatroom up and running in time for Persona 5, which will release in Japan this year.

In addition to the new Persona Live website, the company said it will soon launch a new service called “HideoNakata Live.”

That service will allow people to watch Hideo’s videos and upload pictures from their phones to the site.

It is not clear when or how Hideo will make use of the service.

The news of HideoNaka’s creation comes as Persona 5 and Persona 4: Dancing All Night were released to critical acclaim, and the Persona 4 community has been clamoring for more Persona-related content.

We will continue supporting Persona and the community at large in this endeavor.

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