Which of these two countries is the biggest in the world?

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India: India has become the largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region, and that has put it at the forefront of world economic activity.

The nation has a gross domestic product of $21.3 trillion, which is the sixth largest in the entire world.

But, its economy is also rapidly becoming one of the most unequal, as it ranks only just above countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia in terms of its gender pay gap.

India has some of the world’s highest levels of inequality in terms in terms to income disparity, according to the United Nations.

While the average Indian woman makes roughly $50,000 per year, women make roughly 75 cents on the dollar compared to men.

And while there is no formal gender pay equity law in India, there is a growing movement to tackle gender inequality in the country.

The most recent measure of gender inequality measures women’s pay for equal work, but does not take into account the hours worked.

The law, however, aims to address this by providing more equitable pay for women, and is being adopted across India.

India ranks as the eighth-most unequal country in terms the ratio of female-to-male earnings, according the World Bank.

According to the most recent figures from the International Monetary Fund, India has the second-highest female-inclusive wage gap in the region, with women earning on average 72 cents on every dollar earned by men.