Game maker Kia is partnering with Twitch to stream games, chatrooms chat, and more in a virtual world

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Game maker, Kia, and Twitch are teaming up to create a new virtual reality platform for gamers.

The new platform, called Kia Chatroom, will stream gaming experiences from Kia’s Chatroom app to Twitch.

Kia will offer a virtual-reality experience for gamers, and it will be hosted on Twitch’s streaming platform.

Users will be able to chat and chat with people around the world.

The platform will also allow users to chat with friends in a live environment, like at a coffee shop, or at a party.

“We’re going to offer people the best of both worlds,” said Kia CEO Mark Jang in a statement.

“There’s something for everyone.”

The platform’s first live event will be at PAX East, where it will stream live from the Twitch Expo booth.

In the future, Kias Chatroom will be expanded to include other gaming genres, including tabletop, MMO, and first-person shooters.

In a statement, Kiam said that the Kia chat room will be the platform’s main hub.

Kias chat room has over 50,000 users and can be found in more than 70 countries.

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