How to Stop People From Watching YT Videos, Pinoy Online Chat Room

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The Free and Open Web Foundation (FOSF) has a list of a dozen of the worst ways people can use social media to target, harass, and even bully Pinoy online communities.

But the group says its members are often unaware of their rights.

The list is compiled by FOSF from publicly available data on online harassment, intimidation, and bullying of Pinoy communities.FOSFs executive director, Yung Lim Kian, said he found the list “horrifying” because it contains so many ways people are being targeted by people using their real names.

“We are aware of some people using our list as a way to target and intimidate Pinoy people,” he said.

“We have been working hard on developing policies and strategies to combat online harassment and intimidation.

But we also know that many Pinoy users don’t even know what they are being protected against.”

Lim said the list, which is available in Chinese and English, is meant to be a guide, not a blacklist.

“This is the best tool we have at our disposal,” he added.

“The real danger is when the information is used for political purposes.”

But Yung said the group does not recommend using the list as the only source for information about harassment or intimidation.

He said the FOSFs goal is to help protect the safety and rights of the communities it is compiling the list from harassment and other forms of online bullying.

“If you know your rights, then you can protect your community from people using your name, image, and profile,” he explained.

“But if you do not know your own rights, it is not going to help you.

We are working on making this tool accessible to the public.”

Lim acknowledged that the list does not have an official number of Pinoys being targeted, and that there are not enough people to monitor all the incidents on the list.

But he said the organization is working to improve its data collection and to track down perpetrators.

“The FOS Fons will continue to develop this tool and continue to provide support to Pinoy community,” he wrote.

“And we will be keeping an eye on the Fons’ data collection activities.”