A new chatroom app could change the way people talk about cancer, doctors say

Chat communication

A new app called Chatroulette could be the solution for doctors and their patients who want to chat with doctors about their cancer treatment.

Chatroulette is an open source platform, and it allows users to chat and post updates to the website with a physician or other healthcare professional.

The app was launched on September 10, 2017, and currently has over 1 million users, according to a report from Quartz.

Chat roulette, which means “to chat,” was developed by two doctors who work at the University of North Carolina Medical School and has a lot of users.

It is free to use.

The app features a chatroom called the Medical Network that users can join.

There, patients can ask questions and discuss their care.

Patients can also share and discuss medical information, like their medical history, symptoms, and treatment options.

Patients also can post videos, images, and other content to the Medical Net.

Chatroulet was designed to make it easy for doctors to discuss their treatment options with their patients, but it has become popular with patients and their families as well.

Dr. Michael Wiegert, a surgeon at the UNC Medical School, explained that patients can create new profiles and have their medical records updated with information from the Medical network.

In this way, doctors can keep track of patients’ medical histories and treatments, so they can tailor their treatment plans.

The Medical Network can also be used for patients to contact doctors to request updates on their care and can be used to schedule appointments, WiegERT said.

According to the AppAdvice app analytics, Chatroultime had more than 3.8 million daily users in the US in June, up from 1.6 million in August.

In October, it had 1.4 million daily active users.

The number of daily active user has remained steady since September, while the number of users who have joined the chatroom has dropped by 25 percent.