‘I’m not a racist’: Trump says he’s not racist

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Donald Trump said he was not racist when he said he did not know why black people were being killed by police in Chicago, saying it was because “they’re a different race.”

“They’re a very different race, and they have to be treated differently,” Mr Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity in a live interview on Monday.

“And the only way to treat them is a different way.

We don’t have another race, okay? “

You know, we don’t need another race.

We don’t have another race, okay?

So, that’s just something that I don’t know.”

“I’m going to say this.

I’m not going to be prejudiced, because I know that you’re not going for somebody who is a bad person,” Mr Hannity said.

“That’s not what I am.”

Mr Trump added: “They have to have a different treatment.”

In a follow-up appearance on Tuesday, Mr Trump said: “I know that, look, I’m a very good person.

I have a great relationship with many of the people that I’ve met.

But I don`t think they should have to take their lives in that way.”

He added: “(But) we have to make sure that we have the best police force that we possibly can.”