Trump-supporting Facebook users can now use their social media accounts to support him

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Hideo Nakata, the controversial Japanese meme maker known for his “Trump-support” comments, has created a Facebook page dedicated to supporting the president-elect.

The page, which was first spotted by Motherboard, shows Nakata’s support for Trump on a series of photos and a video, including one with Trump, with Nakata himself in the background.

Trump has been on a social media tear this election cycle, often posting photos of himself with people and even celebrities in a bid to show off his new brand of masculinity.

Many of his supporters have expressed disappointment at his lack of political experience, which has been seen as an impediment to his presidency.

Trump is set to be inaugurated on January 20, and a number of his Cabinet nominees have made a number to his “America First” platform, which calls for a reduction in immigration and a halt to global trade deals.

Nakata is known for making offensive, racist, and homophobic memes in his native Japan.

He was suspended from Facebook in 2014 after the site discovered he had made racist comments about Japanese immigrants.