Bundesliga 2: Schalke 1:3 Bayern

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Bundesliga 2 is over and Schalek 1:2 Bayern are back in the Bundesliga.

Bundesliga 2 kicks off in just over three weeks time. 

The first leg started with the scoreline 1-0 for Schalk in the second half and the score was 0-0 after the break.

Bayern have now scored in every league game this season and have scored in four of their last five matches.

Schalak started off the second leg with a 3-1 win and the home side looked like the stronger side. 

Both teams played well in the first half and both sides created chances in the attacking third. 

There were some good chances in both halves for both sides and both teams had chances to equalize in the final minutes. 

However, Schalka have created more chances in their last four games than the visitors have in their five previous matches. 

It was a great first half performance from Schalck and they had chances in each half. 

In the second, Bayern showed some more good quality in their attacking attack. 

Javi Martinez and Kevin Strootman scored early goals for the home team. 

Bayern had the ball in the back of the net with the keeper out of position. 

Gianluigi Buffon was able to beat Strootmans defence and volleyed a shot into the net. 

After a good first half, Bayern started to lose the ball as well as make mistakes. 

Schalke’s defensive frailties are well documented and this performance in particular showed that they were struggling with their defensive shape. 

On the other side of the pitch, Bayern’s midfielders struggled to get the ball forward. 

Bruno Weigl was not as comfortable as his teammates in the midfield and had some good crosses to go with his crosses. 

They also had some issues defending the ball. 

Strootman was also the main target of Schalkel’s passes. 

He made a couple of good passes to take advantage of his pace and then found the back post for a late goal. 

If Schalkes midfield was lacking in quality, they had to be able to get their players forward.

They did a good job in doing that, but they still could have done a better job defensively. 

This was a tough match for Schalkes midfield, as they were outshot 3-2. 

Defensively, Schalken were very strong. 

Their goalkeeping was solid, but the defensive errors were too numerous and were costing them. 

Sanchez was the main culprit of Schalkies problems and was getting beaten in the middle of the park. 

Cristiano Ronaldo was also struggling to get forward, making mistakes that caused the Bayern attackers to make more mistakes in the end. 

Kenny Stamper was also getting beat by Schalks passing and it wasn’t a good match for him defensively.

Schalkes defense was solid throughout the game and their midfield looked solid. 

Mario Mandzukic and Thiago Alcantara were able to find space in the Bayern midfield. 

Miguel Gomez and Julian Weigl were solid in the centre of the field and also in attack.

Bayern’s defense struggled with their midfield and they failed to deal with Schal’s passing and attack. 

 The result of this match was Schal kybark. 

I’m not sure how long this has been in the works, but it’s a solid performance by both sides. 

Hopefully Schal will take another step forward in the coming weeks. 

Goals: Branislav Ivanovic (GK), Javier Hernandez (D), Kasper Schmeichel (D)

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