Cuckold Chatroom: You Can Chat With Your Dad About Cuckolding

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A new tool called Cuckoo has been added to the iOS and Android app store that lets users easily chat with their dads about cuckolding.

In addition to the Cuckoochee, the app also allows users to send and receive photos and videos of their partners and even ask questions about their sex lives.

Cuckoo allows users the option to add a profile photo and set the background, but it also lets users create a private chat room, which is similar to the app’s existing feature, where users can share intimate moments, such as how they felt when they first met their boyfriend.

Cuckoos are meant to help fathers identify their sons’ preferences for cuckolds and the type of sex they prefer, according to a Cuckoos FAQ on the app.

Cuckos are also designed to help their dads better understand what their sons are into, according a screenshot of the FAQ.

Users can add photos and chat with the Cucks they want to send messages to, but users can also send and get information about the men they’re seeing, including their age, where they live, and the amount of time they spend with their partners.

Cucks also can be sent to and received by a variety of other people, including friends, family, and even the boyfriends and girlfriends of the users.

While it’s hard to say exactly how much the app will help dads with their sons, the developers say the app is “very powerful,” adding that “Cuckoocheck can be used to provide a deeper understanding of your son’s sexual tastes, desires, and preferences.”

Cuckos can also be used as a way to communicate with other parents of boys, the FAQ reads.

It’s unclear how the app can be accessed by a father without their knowledge.

Cucking is the act of engaging in an act of oral sex.

If a father sees a video, he or she can then ask their son to send them a screenshot and video to show them, in order to better understand the act.

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