Why is a woman named Claire so cool?


With a smile on her face and her hair styled in a ponytail, Claire Foy looks like she could be a real Hollywood star.

But in fact, she’s a writer.

And she has written a book, The Secret Lives of Celebrities: A Secret Life of the Famous, on the rise of celebrity gossip and gossip-filled television.

We caught up with Foy to find out more about her new book.

First off, what inspired you to write this book?

Foy: I started to write The Secret Life in 2014 when I was working as a TV reporter in Toronto.

I was getting a lot of requests for interviews and was also getting requests for writing articles for TV shows and movies, so I decided to do something different.

I wanted to explore the stories behind celebrity gossip.

I started by researching who really wrote the gossip, and I wanted the book to be a history of the culture.

I also wanted to know how people are connected and what happens behind closed doors.

I’m fascinated by the relationship between celebrities and gossip, how they interact with each other and how it can be harmful.

I want people to be able to understand how this culture is built on the backs of women.

So I wanted this book to have a history behind it.

What were some of the key points you wanted to highlight?

F: There’s this very old, very sexist view that women are supposed to be on top, that they’re supposed to make the decisions, and they’re not supposed to speak.

They’re supposed in some ways to be passive victims of society.

So this view is very deeply embedded in the world of TV and film.

So what I wanted was to break down this idea that women’s voices and the way they’re represented on screen, whether that’s on the screen or on the radio or in the newspapers, are all supposed to come from their own experiences.

And the more that we understand about how society actually works, the less that that view is held.

So, I wanted a history about the people behind the scenes who were creating that world.

You know, not just celebrities, but everyone in the industry.

F: You mentioned that you’re fascinated by how people who write about celebrities interact with one another.

What do you find interesting about this topic?F