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On Thursday, the film Isex’s chatroom, which focuses on a community of female online gamers, was released.

The film, which was filmed at a location called the ‘Vintage Club,’ is directed by Adam Koczela and features a mix of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage that captures the unique, online experience that exists within a group of people who are all just as passionate about their gaming as the rest of us.

The film, titled Isex: The Movie, tells the story of Isex, a community that is comprised of female gamers who have all started out as online players with very little experience in the industry.

The filmmakers, who filmed the project for eight months, say they wanted to capture a unique experience of the industry for the people who made it possible.

“I think we’re all very proud of what we’ve achieved in the past, but I think that we are just a small slice of what this industry is, and that there’s so much more that can be done,” Adam Kuczela, co-director of IsEx, told The Hollywood Reporter.

“That’s why I think it’s so important to keep creating these types of documentaries.

We want to tell stories of people that have no other way to tell their stories.”

Isex is not only the first film from a filmmaker that has worked in the gaming industry, but also the first documentary to explore the history and the impact of the community.

The documentary, which is being produced by Vimeo, is being released on a limited basis and will be available for download on January 25.

Isex follows a group called the “Vintage Chatroom,” a group made up of female video game players who have been playing since their teens and started playing in the early ’90s.

The chatroom was initially founded to encourage and provide social support to other players of the games, and the group has evolved into a larger community that has grown in size and influence over the years.

The documentary tells the stories of Isalys history, which spans a few decades of the ’90’s to today, but it is mostly focused on the chatroom.

While Isex has been around for decades, the documentary shows the community in its current form as well as how it has grown and changed over time.

The original Vintage Chatroom was formed as a way for women to meet and play together, and is now home to more than 70,000 members.

“It was just a natural progression from the idea of playing games and going to the parties and being social,” said Erin Nunn, one of the original Vintage Club members.

“I think it started with a few people having a blast playing games together, but that’s kind of what led to the more established groups.

It was the way to meet people and have fun.

We’ve grown and matured over the course of time.””

It’s kind and simple, but in the end it’s very powerful,” said Jessica Vignoles, a member of the Vintage Club.

“You can have that feeling that you’re with the people that you care about and you feel really good about.

I think people who go through that are very driven and motivated.

And then they’re not really scared of their own feelings.

They’re not afraid to make mistakes, because it’s a learning process.”

Isext is also the story about a community made up largely of women, and how it was formed by the likes of the infamous GameFAQs moderator, Anita Sarkeesian, who was able to get the community started.

Isext is a story that is very relatable, and many people who have played the game say they can relate to the community’s struggles.

“You’re not going to find people that are going to be angry at you,” said Nunn.

“It’s the people, and especially Anita Sarvez, that have really gotten the community going.

She’s made a lot of changes to it, and it’s not just a game anymore, it’s more of a community.

It’s a place where people can be their authentic selves and not just have a game and a bunch of friends and be social.

I can see that, and I can also see the community changing because of Anita Sarveys work.

She has helped the community grow, and people are coming back because she’s helping them.”

The documentary also shows how the gaming community has evolved and has a growing impact on society.

Nunn said that the film captures the community as a whole and also highlights the work of Sarkeesians Feminist Frequency videos that were aimed at women.

“What’s really interesting about Isex is how the community has grown over time, because they were a very small community, and they grew up in the 90s, and you can see the impact Anita Sarves work has had on it,” said Kuczy.

“She has had an impact on it, she